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Hang Tags

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Accentuate your products with high-quality hang tag printing available in a variety of sizes and stock. We offer design services if needed or print your design.

There's power in packaging! And the smallest of details are no exception when presenting your quality product. There's artistry in merchandising and custom hang tags will contribute to the cause. When every sale counts, don't lose a customer due to lost information, especially when it's a product price. Technology has shortened our attention spans, and immediacy feels customary when everything is available online, making it easier for a customer to walk away. Upon selecting an item, a custom hang tag gives off a sense that they're taking home a bespoke style piece. From shapes, brilliant color, superior paper stock, and finish, your custom hangtag will be durable and easy to apply. Choice in hole position and size will ensure proper attachment and aesthetic appeal to various types of merchandise.

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